WE are an interdisciplinary, informal learning project

‘The Story Of’ Foundation is an interdisciplinary, informal learning project. We explore and create  learning opportunities across science, philosophy, art, and culture, with the wider benefit of making interdependence visible. We are/here for the 21st century inquirer.

we value and promote


multi, cross, inter and transdisciplinary opportunities 


continuous and accessible learning and growth


collaboration, cooperation, and community


multiperspective and mindful inquiry and action

where we’ve been and where we’re going

The first major event organized by us was ‘The Story of Light’, in 2015 in Goa. The event was deemed a success, based on parameters to do with the feasibility of the event and founding of the platform. The theme of our next festival in November 2017 is Space, which will be followed by The Story of Mind in 2019. We take topics that are obviously connected to everything and approach them from four / five different perspectives.

We engage artists, designers, researchers, and educators to create learning opportunities around these themes in the form of public installations, workshops, live experiences, talks, panels, and screenings, and invite large public audiences to interact with these opportunities.

While the format of festivals is our starting point, we would like to expand into establishing residencies (for various communities) and transdisciplinary research programs in the next five years.

The practical benefits of this work are to bring stories from academia (science and otherwise) into the public eye, promote interdisciplinary collaborations (among the two cultures of sciences and humanities), and provide inspiration and excitement to the youth (empowering them to be critical and solutions oriented). The wider philosophical benefit is to make interdependence visible.

The diagram below broadly illustrates our direction, while the bubble format is intentional to keep the path agile.


Interdependence is an understanding that things don’t exist independently, but they exist interdependently. There can be various degrees of interdependence depending on the system being considered. The idea is common to both Western and Eastern philosophy, and is beautifully illustrated by the sciences—physics, ecology, systems biology, and so forth. We all experience interdependence—we see it clearly in our relationships and the consequences of human interactions with our ecology and environment. Going one layer deeper to understanding it can have far reaching behavioural consequences. It gives us mindful insight into the impact we have on others and our environment, and acts as a guide to our future decisions. By transforming our ways of knowing, learning, valuing and acting together, we have the opportunity to face complex interdependencies. Establishing an interdisciplinary, informal learning platform works to this wider benefit by fostering in its interactions multi-perspective thinking, mindful inquiry, and the sensibility to complexity—all critical for the 21st century.


‘The Story Of’ Foundation began in a house in Goa — as a platform of scientists, artists, designers, philosophers, and educators interested in positive changes in society through informal education. Those relationships and aims continue today.

We are registered under The Societies Registration Act 1860 since November 2014. We have adopted sociocracy as a way of working together to be a flexible, collaborative, and spacious learning platform.

Our general circle includes

 Jaya Ramchandani, Educator
Shaira Sequeira Shetty, Arts Manager
Deshna Mehta, Artist & Designer
Shrinivas Ananthanarayan, Creative Visualizer
Rahul Gudipudi, Curator


Your support is vital in enabling the Story of Foundation to fulfill its mission to conceive breakthrough projects and experiences.