‘The Story Of’ Foundation is an interdisciplinary, informal learning project. We explore and create  learning opportunities across science, philosophy, art, and culture, with the wider benefit of making interdependence visible. We are/here for the 21st century inquirer.

we value and promote


continuous and accessible learning and growth


critical inquiry and action


compassion, respect, and inclusivity


collaboration, cooperation, and community


Since the emergence of the human race, storytelling remains the most innate and important form of communication. With stories as our base, we’re engaging a community of researchers, artists and designers, writers and poets, educators, philosophers, and policy-makers to create spontaneous and cultivated learning experiences for both specific and general audiences. Over the years, we will play with multiple formats of interactions, from learning festivals to transdisciplinary research projects.


Science is an organized effort to explain things within and without our senses using deductive and inductive processes of reasoning. Philosophy is an organized effort to explain things beyond our senses and sometimes even beyond our reasoning. Science and philosophy have always learned from each other, science having evolved from natural philosophy, which studied the natural and physical world.

But over the last 200 years, organized religion, politics, economics, and the trend of specialization have driven the two points of view further and further apart. This departure has its consequences. Specifically, we’re losing our sensibility to patterns that connect. Developing this sensibility is important to the choices we will make in the generations to come.

Since philosophy highlights interdependence and contemporary science highlights interdependence, it’s time to reconnect the two and expand our ways of knowing. We begin our journey by building awareness through continuous learning and growth. A change in awareness leads to a change in intention, and a change in intention leads to a change in action. And hopefully, soon, these changes will reach a critical mass to tip the scale towards a more holistic and responsible society for all beings.


‘The Story Of’ Foundation began in a house in Goa — as a platform of scientists, artists, designers, philosophers, and educators interested in positive changes in society through informal education. Those relationships and aims continue today.

We are registered under The Societies Registration Act 1860 since November 2014. We have adopted sociocracy as a way of working together to be a flexible, collaborative, and spacious learning platform.

Our general circle includes

 Jaya Ramchandani
Shaira Sequeira Shetty
Deshna Mehta
Shrinivas Ananthanarayan
Rahul Gudipudi


Your support is vital in enabling the Story of Foundation to fulfill its mission to conceive breakthrough projects and experiences.