Body Movement & Space

Flora Barros, Helena Wolfenson, Veronica Deviá

Date: 17th Novemeber

Time: 14:00 – 17:00


Open To: anyone
Max Participants per Workshop: 20

A dance workshop, led by Flora Barros, which will work around the use of the body relating to the space that surrounds it. She will be working throughout with the principles of Rudolf Laban, an architect and a pioneer of contemporary dance, who developed a technique to think movement throughout space. So the movement would not come only from the inner emotions or from a specific technique, like ballet, but would move related to our kinesphere. As an example: a specific part of the body will move in a circular way to reach a very specific point in a diagonal right related to the body. Or the body will move drawing a line in the floor, or a circle in the air and so on.

This workshop is open to the public— to anyone keen to move.

Requirements: comfortable clothes.

Flora Barros

Flora Barros is a Brazilian contemporary dancer. She completed her BA (Hons) degree in Dance Theatre at Trinity Laban, in London. Fascinated by different approaches to dance, Flora is interested in the fusion of different cultures and artistic expressions as well as the linkages between dance and social projects. Her interest for choreography started very early and she had the opportunity to perform her own works in U.K., Denmark, Italy and Brazil. In 2014/2015, she participated, in the one month residency of the Story of Light Festival in Goa.
She has worked with renowned choreographers, such as Matteo Fargion, Marie Gabrielle Rotie, Willi Dorner, Lizzi Knew Ross, among others. Returning to Brazil in 2012, she entered in Diadema Dance Company, where she woked for 2 years and danced works from Ana Botosso, Claudia Palma, Denise Namura e Michael Budgham. In 2014 she became an actress in Pia Fraus Theatre Company. Since 2015, she is part of the cast of the Argentinian company Fuerza Bruta, touring in China, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Helena Wolfenson

Helena Wolfenson has an undergraduate degree in Social Communication at PUC University in São Paulo. She started her professional life writing for Brasileiros magazine, an independent arts and politics publication. Later, she became the photo editor of Folha de S.Paulo, one of Brazil’s main media outlets. In 2011, she moved to NYC where she studied Photojournalism and Documentary at the International Center of Photography (ICP). In NYC, she worked closely with the photographer Mary Ellen Mark. She also worked for Brooklyn Magazine, Vice Media, Folha de S. Paulo and as a teaching assistant at ICP. Nowadays Helena is based in São Paulo, working as a photographer and videographer. She is finishing her first feature film which she directed and produced. A documentary titled “Mud Trace”, that tells the story of the social and ecological disaster that happened in Mariana, Brazil in November of 2015 through the eyes of two boys in their early 20’s.

Veronica Deviá

Veronica Deviá has two undergraduate degrees (Journalism and Social Sciences) and a Masters in International Relations. She is a researcher in Gender Studies and her thesis theme is on the “Female Labour Force Participation in Developing Economies – A Study Case in Brazil and India”, which was presented at the International Studies Association in Baltimore (USA), in February 2017. Her paper “Closing the Gender Gap in BRICS” was also presented at the International Political Science Association Congress in Poznan (Poland), in June 2016.
Her previous work experiences are in journalism, where she worked as a cultural journalist with Brazilian and international media (Veja, Estadão, Vice, Café Babel, Vogue) and with institutions (SESC, Bienal de Arte de São Paulo, Columbia Global Center Latin America, Cultural Department at the French Embassy in São Paulo).
In the past years she was also involved in feminist activism, as a member of a thinktank of Women and Politics (GEPO). She is also an active member of a NGO for women empowerment (Mulheres do Brasil).


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