Inner Spaces I


Date: 17 November

Time: 14:00 – 15:30

The Vast Landscape

Lea V | Croatia

A fox hunter and a porcelain shopkeeper lady, the scientist brothers, a seal, a boy and a music box. Six characters in their rooms filled with traces of longing, separated by a vast and bleak landscape. Four stories on love, contemplation and self-destruction.

Duration: 0:11:00
Tags: Animation

The Sad Monk

Diana Frankovic | Germany

When we find ourselves in another emotional crisis, we begin to question our existence and the meaning of life. We want change. Eastern philosophies, yoga and meditation are the keys to happiness, or so preach the countless Western adherents of these far eastern practices. Buddhism is the path to enlightenment. But is that really the case? Following this path to Nepal, we meet the young Tibetan buddhist monk Tenzin, a representative of a new generation, who is grappling with the questions of life and his religion. But instead of enlightenment, we find doubtful young monks who are asking the same kind of questions about their lives as we do about ours. His insights challenge a universal human foible: the obsessive pursuit of happiness. The Sad Monk takes a look underneath the surface of a distinct and idealised environment; the holistic upbringing and rhythm of life in the monasteries of Nepal. The film reveals that happiness is not always that which we expect it to be, that searching for happiness might just be an irresponsible waste of our beautiful yet imperfect lives. Isn’t there a Sad Monk in all of us?

Duration: 0:11:23
Tags: Documentary, Short, Student

Memory Reconstructed

Anne Murray | United States

This film is about an encounter with a whale bone and the way memory is constructed.

Duration: 0:10:35
Tags: Documentary, Experimental, Short

How Art You

Kimberly Berckmoes | Belgium

Emotions conveyed through images, where language fails and words are inadequate . “How Art You ” demonstrates that the expression of emotions by use of the spoken word is often limited. Language , in synergy with elements of visual communication (Color, Choreography & Dance, and Body Language) constitute a strong emotional expressive medium. All this is applied in an animation film. The animation is based on several thousand drawings which were made by classic drawing using pen on paper.

Duration: 0:04:31
Tags: Animation, Experimental, Short, Student, Other


Ronlee Nemeth | Israel

Seymour, a socially awkward, middle-aged man lives his life by a dull daily routine, and has long since given up on attempting any sort of change. It therefore comes as no surprise, when a bat flies in through his window early one morning, that Seymour puts up very little effort in chasing it out before abandoning the pursuit. Seymour and the Bat develop a rapport, leading the bat to try and help Seymour deal with his life in the best way possible – namely, by turning him into a bat. But Seymour doesn’t want to be a bat forever. The film was loosely inspired by American philosopher Thomas Nagel’s “What is it Like to be a Bat?”, an article raising issues regarding the mind-body problem, specifically arguing against the possibility of psycho-physical reductionism. In accordance with the article, one may be able to imagine what it might feel like to fly, or sleep hanging upside down. But it is impossible to imagine what it is actually like to be something else, to picture subjectivity other than our own, based on physical information alone.  As long as we are confined to our minds, it appears that we can never truly claim complete knowledge of any subjective experience other than our own. ​

Duration: 0:06:35
Tags: Documentary, Experimental, Short

The Astronaut

Oskar Pimlott | United Kingdom

A man lies in a hospital bed: half-dead, half-alive – suspended somewhere in between. He can’t move his body, but his mind travels through space, taking in wondrous sights unseen from earth. His daughter comes to visit him, determined to rouse him from sleep, but over the course of the meeting she learns that she must resolve their troublesome past in order to set him free from earth and say goodbye, leaving him to free float in space.

Duration: 0:10:00
Tags: Short, Drama


Dimitar Dimitrov | Bulgaria

“I asked my teeth if they’ll withstand a drink”, says the main character in ’20 KICKS”. He lives in a world, in which exchange system is slaps and fists. In this way the film is raising the question of the price we pay for the small pleasures, and the sacrifices we make, to attain true happiness.

Duration: 0:06:20
Tags: Animation, Experimental, Short


Laura Benavides | Colombia

Based on the play written by Sarah Kane, 4:48. This film recreates sensations of psychosis through the black and white drawing showing the physical and mental impairment of a body and its relation to space.

Duration: 0:02:06
Tags: Animation

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